Entertainment Law

Entertainment law includes many traditional legal practices: contract law, labor law, securities law, and intellectual property. It also includes having a thorough knowledge of local regulations, international, federal and state law. 
  • International law - Overseas copyright and trademark infringement.
  • Federal law - most copyright and trademark law. Occasionally federal labor law regulations affect entertainers, as do federal securities and immigration laws.
  • State law - most contracts negotiated and signed in that state, unless the contract itself specifies the laws of a different state. Additionally, each states' employment law, insurance law, and interpretation of issues like the right to privacy.
  • Other laws - local regulations may influence shooting a film, and at what times.
  • Professional association, union, and league rules - Actors' Equity, Players unions, the Screen Actors Guild, sports club or league, the Writers Guild, or the American Federation of Musicians to name a few.
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Entertainment law requires business expertise combined with the knowledge and ability to manage everything from your personal brand to contract negotiations including disputes and copyright infringement. Parrish & Goodman are well versed in rules and laws that may apply to you. We are prepared to represent your interests at the negotiating table as well as in court.

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