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Joseph E. Parrish, of Parrish & Goodman, is dedicated to providing strong representation for people truly injured due to the negligence or intentional acts of others. Mr. Parrish understands that …

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Robert Goodman, of Parrish & Goodman, passionately advocates for his clients and is dedicated to representing those who need a voice in taking on the Goliaths of the world. Mr. Goodman understan…

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Megan E. Shaw is a distinguished attorney whose legal expertise spans across a diverse range of fields including personal injury, estate planning, contracts, and legal malpractice. Licensed since 2013…

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Kelly is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies. She’s always had a passion for law and enjoys helping others through the legal process.

If you or your loved one has suffered serious injury or wrongful death due to the negligent or strictly liable actions of another, Parrish & Goodman Law Firm, is dedicated to finding the responsible party and holding them accountable. Accountability can stem from those causing an auto or boating accident, to manufacturers and distributors of defective products put into the stream of commerce. When you choose Parrish & Goodman Law Firm to represent you as your attorney, you can rest assured that your legal interests will be handled with integrity, tenacity and personal service.


When Parrish & Goodman Law Firm is hired to handle your personal injury or wrongful death claim, both the opposition and peers alike know that it is a meritorious claim. This is due to the fact that Parrish & Goodman Law Firm was founded on the principle that only those cases with true merit would be accepted. This principle creates true respect by Defense Attorneys, providing immediate legitimacy to the claim and increasing settlement values from the start. Further, it allows the firm to concentrate more intently on your claim as it is not distracted by a high volume of frivolous cases.


Attorneys and insurance companies keep track of opposing attorneys that tenaciously prosecute their cases. Parrish & Goodman Law Firm will prepare your case, from the very beginning, with an aggressive pursuit to have your story told and have those responsible for your injuries face a jury and be held accountable. Those lawyers that take a passive approach or always settle cases without a trial will not gain the respect of the opposition and will not provide the maximum accountability for those at fault for your injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Personal Service

Parrish & Goodman Law Firm takes personal service seriously. Most complaints against Attorneys are associated with the lack of communication with their clients. Parrish & Goodman Law Firm is dedicated to continued communication throughout the client's case. If, for any reason, you cannot contact Parrish & Goodman Law Firm, at the time you call, rest assured you will receive a return phone call within one business day.

Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

Schedule a lawyer consultation to find out how the firm can help you. Whether an accident resulted in catastrophic injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, Parrish & Goodman Law Firm can help. Hiring Parrish & Goodman Law Firm brings you an extensive understanding of personal injury cases. Mr.Parrish worked as a civil litigation defense attorney for several years and has intimate knowledge of the steps and tactics used by the opposing side. Parrish & Goodman Law Firm uses this knowledge to build a strong case that is designed to get you the compensation you deserve.

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