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Civil Litigation Lawyer

Attorney Robert Goodman passionately advocates for his clients and is dedicated to representing those who need a voice in taking on the Goliaths of the world. Mr. Goodman understands that hiring an attorney can be daunting for many. Mr. Goodman represents many individuals, consumers, and small business owners across Central Florida.
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Robert Goodman's Areas of Practice

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Personal Injury

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Professional Malpractice

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Products Liability

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Ethics & Professional Responsibility

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Business Litigation

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Premise Liability Security

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Legal Malpractice

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Family Law

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Premises Liability

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Litigation & Appeals

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Every attorney at Parrish & Goodman Law Firm believes in personal relationships with our clients. We want you to know that we are real people, too. Mr. Parrish leads by example as a personable legal advocate, invigorating educator, community leader, and family man.

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After graduating High School in 1979, Mr. Goodman earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Toledo. Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Goodman owned and operated several successful new car dealerships in Michigan and Florida. As a business owner/franchise owner, Mr. Goodman learned first-hand how poorly certain large companies treated their customers, franchise owners, and “business partners.”
Not being one to back down from a fight no matter how large the opponent, Mr. Goodman hauled those large companies into court when they had wronged him. These experiences inspired Mr. Goodman to become an attorney and fight similar battles for others who had been wronged. Mr. Goodman graduated from Western Michigan University-Thomas M. Cooley Law School Cum Laude.
Mr. Goodman’s varied personal and business experiences give him the empathy and tools to be a formidable advocate for his clients. He is known for his integrity, tenacious pursuit of justice, and easy personal charm.

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Current Service and Activities

Parrish & Goodman has seen success and rapid growth through its committed representation of clients with meritorious claims. Robert Goodman takes on David vs. Goliath cases with passion and vigor. When Mr. Goodman is not working, you will likely find him watching college football or spending time with his daughter.
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Robert Goodman is a passionate and knowledgeable legal advocate for Florida personal and business clients. He firmly believes everyone deserves justice and fair treatment and has dedicated his legal service to those ends. Clients choose Attorney Goodman because they know he cares about them. Contact Parrish & Goodman Attorneys at Law in Naples and Fort Myers at 813-643-4529 to schedule a free consultation.