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Family Law issues are challenging. Frequently they involve a complex mixture of emotion, history, assets and goals. Decisions made during these periods are some of the most difficult ones a family will ever make because of the potential long-term consequences.

Parrish & Goodman is here to guide you through this trying time by using a combination of skill, compassion and practicality. We serve as your advocate, balancing your needs with fighting hard for what you deserve.. We are here to resolve delicate family law matters with dignity, as expediently as possible while maintaining your privacy.
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Dissecting and resolving the, often conflicting, pieces of Family Law requires lawyers who not only know the nuances of laws that play a significant role in many cases, but who also see and understand the bigger story as it relates to the individual pieces that comprise that story. The attorneys at Parrish & Goodman are well versed in cases from child custody and support to issues about alimony and division of property.  We strive to provide clients with comprehensive representation which provides guidance to enable sound decisions about their future, without creating further animosity between the parties that provides little or no benefit to either.

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