Franchising Law and Franchise Disputes

According to Franchise Directs' 2018 report, Florida is third within the continental U.S. in franchise inquiries. Successful brands are learning that offering or considering franchising opportunities is a great way to scale their existing business. Entrepreneurs are adopting this model more and more to walk into a profit- ready business. How do you ensure your interests are protected? What happens if a dispute arises?

Successful Franchising Relationships Require Both Up-Front Research and Ongoing Support

A franchising relationship is a combination of compatibility and trust. A clear, well-drafted franchising agreement is a necessity. We can negotiate, draft or review your franchise agreement to outline the franchisor and franchisee obligations and to eliminate any surprises.
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Throughout the franchise relationship, we can ensure proper enforcement of franchise policies; operations run accordingly; and the franchised is renewed, transferred or wound down appropriately. Should a dispute arise, we are well versed to aid with negotiation or litigation. 

Whether you are considering your first franchise opportunity or a brand seeking qualified franchisees, you need qualified legal representation.

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