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When you purchase a product, whether it is a new car or a toy for your child, you expect that it will be safe. When that expectation is not met and it results in a serious personal injury or wrongful death, you need a lawyer who will dedicate himself to your case. Attorneys Parrish & Goodman are committed to ensuring that you get the compensation you are due to cover such things as medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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Federal and State Whistleblower Protections

Several federal and state laws protect employees who report fraud, crimes, and other violations that threaten consumer safety or health, employee rights, or financial integrity. Parrish & Goodman Law Firm has extensive knowledge and experience with these laws and how to use them to protect your rights and future.

The False Claims Act is one of the most essential tools taxpaying citizens have to end government waste and corporate abuse directly. It covers defrauding attempts that include:

  • IRS Fraud/Tax Evasion 
  • Overbilling Medicare/Medicaid 
  • Troubled Assets Relief Fund (TARP) Fraud 
  • Defense Contract Overcharging 
  • Pharmaceutical/Health Care Fraud 

Each of these violations also has a specific office to which they can be directed. Other federal laws offer whistleblower protections, including:

Florida Statute Title X, Chapter 112, Sections 3187-31895, known as the Florida Whistle-blower’s Act, protects employees from adverse actions relating to reporting violations of state law.

These laws guarantee protection when you object to illegal or unethical practices by:

  • Objecting to or refusing to participate in policies, practices, or procedures at work that violate the law or regulatory guidelines.
  • Filing a formal complaint with an official governing body
  • Participating in an investigation or legal action against your employer
  • Contacting a whistleblower reporting website or hotline

Knowing your rights and legal protections is critical. Parrish & Goodman Attorneys at Law works tirelessly to protect your rights in whistleblower cases. Our skilled lawyers use the above laws and numerous other protection strategies to shield you from retaliation or take action against those who would punish you for uncovering their crimes.

Objecting to and reporting fraud on any level should not lead to adverse actions that damage careers and harm your future. Schedule a free consultation today to understand your rights, including what type of reports could lead to significant financial awards.

Common Forms of Whistleblower Retaliation

The Florida Whistleblower Attorneys at Parrish & Goodman Law Firm understand the complex laws that protect you from retaliation. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this area of law give you the peace of mind to boldly report fraud and other crimes to improve the overall corporate environment in Florida and the United States. Moreover, we know how to press your case for appropriate compensation when you have been a victim of retaliation.

Some of the most common forms of whistleblower retaliation include:

  • Job termination
  • Forced resignations
  • Reducing pay
  • Modifying a job title, duties, or responsibilities
  • Adverse promotion actions/losing a promotion
  • Harassment or bullying
  • Negative performance evaluations

If you have suffered these or similar actions after reporting fraud or crimes in the workplace, contact Parrish & Goodman Whistleblower Lawyers in Naples or Fort Myers today for a free consultation. Our attorneys are pleased to review your situation, explain your rights, and offer options.

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You have rights and legal protections in Florida when you object to and take action against fraud or other illegal activity in the workplace. You may also be entitled to compensation for retaliatory actions against you. Parrish & Goodman Attorneys at Law represent Florida workers who take a stand against employers engaged in wrongful activities. Contact our Naples or Fort Myers offices at 813-643-4529 to schedule your free consultation.

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