legal malpractice

Common Examples of Legal Malpractice

Malpractice is most frequently discussed in the medical industry, but legal malpractice can also occur. Both occur when a practitioner fails to perform according to professional standards and causes harm to a client as a result. Legal malpractice can be complex, and clients are often unaware if conflicts of interest or other mistakes exist. Numerous issues can constitute legal malpractice, each with its implications and consequences for the lawyer and client.

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Missed Statues of Limitation

One common example of legal malpractice is missing the statute of limitations on a cause of action. This occurs when a lawyer fails to file a lawsuit within the time frame specified by law. Missing this deadline can result in the client losing the opportunity to pursue a legal claim, which can have significant financial and legal implications. It is the attorney’s duty to be aware of and adhere to these deadlines, and failing to do so can constitute legal malpractice.

Failure to Advise of Financial Exposure

Another example of legal malpractice is failing to advise clients of their financial exposure in litigation. Lawyers have a duty to provide their clients with accurate and comprehensive information about the potential costs and risks associated with legal proceedings. Failing to do so can leave the client unprepared for the financial consequences of litigation, potentially leading to significant losses. This failure to provide essential information can be considered a form of legal malpractice.

Conflicts of Interest

Legal malpractice can also occur when a lawyer breaches their duty of loyalty to a client by representing conflicting interests. Lawyers are prohibited from representing clients with conflicting interests, as this can compromise their ability to provide impartial and effective representation. Failing to identify and address conflicts of interest can result in legal malpractice and have serious implications for the lawyer and the client.

Other Less Common Lawyer Mistakes That Could Be Legal Malpractice

Other examples of legal malpractice include mishandling client funds, failing to conduct proper legal research, and providing ineffective representation in court. Each of these examples represents a failure on the lawyer’s part to fulfill their professional responsibilities and can harm the client. Other examples can include:

  • Litigating a claim against a former client
  • Engaging in a business relationship with a client
  • Representing more than one client in a single case
  • Disclosing confidential information from a previous case
  • Personal relationships with clients
  • Improper financial benefits from a case

Legal malpractice encompasses a wide range of behaviors and actions that can harm clients and undermine the integrity of the legal profession. If you suspect negligence or other impropriety on the part of your attorney in Florida, contact Parrish & Goodman, Attorneys at Law, to arrange a private consultation.

We Hold Lawyers Accountable for Legal Malpractice in Florida

Malpractice can occur in other professions, but lawyers can be disbarred and disqualified from practicing law in the legal arena. They are also subject to legal malpractice lawsuits. Under Florida Law, Title VIII, Chapter 95, Section 11-4(b) allows up to two years after the negligent action was discovered to file a legal malpractice lawsuit. We can review your claims and offer guidance on potential courses of action and how to proceed.

Parrish & Goodman, Attorneys at Law, helps victims of attorneys who have ignored legal ethics and harmed their interests. Consult with a Florida Malpractice Lawyer in Naples or Ft. Myers today at Parrish & Goodman, Attorneys at Law. We have the experience and skills to help you get justice and satisfaction when a legal professional has poorly represented you.