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Many times after a tragedy takes a loved one, those most affected have little interest in the pursuit of a lawsuit against the responsible party. Instead, they rightly grieve and worry about how they will continue without the loved one that has been such an important part of their life. It must be remembered, however, that the one lost would want their survivors to go on as whole and happy as possible. Further, it is important to our community that we hold those that have wronged others accountable for their actions so that other families do not have to suffer the same fate.
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When a loved one brings a wrongful death action against those responsible they are in fact serving the wishes of their lost loved one and providing a service to the community as a whole.  Although humane individuals do not want to profit from the loss of their loved one, it is important to do what the deceased loved one would want and to further enforce our laws so that innocent others are not put in the same situation.

Laws in the State of Florida govern who is entitled to recover wrongful death damages under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act. In order to be an effective advocate in a wrongful death case, it takes sympathy, understanding and a belief in the righteousness of the claim.  Parrish & Goodman Law Firm is committed to those principles so that the pain and loss felt by loved ones can be properly conveyed to a jury that makes the ultimate decisions of accountability.  

If someone you love has recently passed due to the actions of another or a defective product, please hold those responsible accountable by contacting experienced trial attorneys.

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